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It was Finnish airline, Kar Air,
which pioneered the way tourists
arrive to the Costa del Sol back in
1959, thereby changing tourism;
the landscape; the economy; and
society for this part of Spain forever.
The first plane, all those years
ago, carried 48 passengers from
Helsinki on a route thatwas called
“The Route of the Sun.” By today’s
standards, itwas to be a mammoth
journey. Fromthe Finnish capital
the route included Gothenburg,
Basel, Barcelona and finally
Malaga. The 3000 kilometres was,
at the time, the longest flight to
have been undertaken in Europe.
The half-century anniversary
event at the Aviation Museum of
Malaga airport, which used to be
the terminal building itself, took
place at midday on 20th October,
which was the exact date and time
five decades ago that the Kar Air
flight arrived.
Retired members of the flight
deck and crew, dressed in uniforms
from 1959; plus 48 Finnish “passengers;”
and a lovingly restored aeroplane,
perfectly recreated the landmark
celebration. The flight and
passengers were greeted by local
and provincial authorities at the
terminal as it was 50 years ago.
Mario Otero, the Director of
Malaga airport, said the Convair
440 Metropolitan aircraft that
landed that day has led us towhere
we are now. In the last 12 months
alone, a total of 470 aeroplanes have
transported 83,000 people from Finland
to Malaga. He added, it is
“unimaginable not to have planes
in our skies the way we do here in
Malaga” and that “over 30 million
people will be coming though the
airport when the new terminal
building is completed.”
Paying tribute to aviation leaders
from Finland, Otero said that it
is partly due to them that “millions
of tourists visit us each year, tourists
coming to aMalaga that offers
them quality; culture; gastronomy;
smiles; and of course, the sun!”
Talking of the partnership between
Finland and Malaga, the Director
of the Finnish Aviation Museum
in Helsinki said it was “an
honour to attend the celebration”
of that inaugural flight and thanked
everyone involved, before presenting
the museum in Malaga with a
special commemorative plaque.
Half a century of
charter flights