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Täällä et saisi ajaa suomalaisella EU-kortilla Espanjassa rekisterissä olevaa autoa ellei korttisi ole merkitty paikalliseen rekisteriin, siitä annettava A4-kokoinen lappu on myös oltava autossa aina mukana. Poikkeuksena tietenkin autovuokraamojen autot.

Ja muualla webissä lukee mm.

Information on driving, regulations and drivers licenses in Spain.

See Ministry of Interior links under Government Links

EU: As a nonresident, an EU driver’s license is valid in Spain, and vice-versa. If you are a resident, then you must alter your licence. There are two options: either get your EU driver’s license stamped or you exchange your license for a Spanish license.

non-EU: Depending on the country, non-EU driver’s licenses may be valid for the first year after arrival in Spain. After that, you are officially required to have a Spanish license. Some expats, however, have been known to use their home-country license for years without problems. Not recommended, but possible.

It may be difficult to enforce these rules if you just rent a car. However, if you own a car and you have an accident, the insurance company will do some research: if you don’t have a valid license, they won’t pay your claim.

Getting a Spanish driver’s license can be expensive because you have to take classes. The good news is you can now study for and take the test in English.