something about the holy week


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Hello, how are you?

sorry for being so unkind and write all the time in spanish. I was in a hurry, but wanted to show you some videos of the Semana Santa.

During this Holy Week, the different thrones show us the last days of Jesus Christ life.

So, for example it starts with ”Domingo de Ramos”, Sunday. The first day of the Semana Santa is a happy day because it’s the celebration of Jesus entering Jerusalem. There are palms leaves as decoration

The following days show always Jesus in different scenes till his death. That is why Friday is for example a dark day, because it is the day when Jesus die.

In Málaga, Jesús El Cautivo (Jesus when he was captivated) is very very famous and he has thousend of people following him during his journey through the streets of Malaga. People say and assure that he can make miracles.

Always after the throne of Jesus, his mother, the virgin Maria, is behind him in another throne.
And the same happens to the Virgin Maria. She is also showed in different scenes.

Each ”Hermandad” (like brotherhood) have his throne with Jesus and the other throne with the Virgin Maria.
There a lots of ”Hermandades” and all of them want to make the journey through the streets.
So, for example if you are in a street seeing one Throne, you can walk to another street to see the other throne and so on.

There are points where some of the thrones meet (because there are so many and all of them like to go through the main streets of Malaga). In this cases it is common that they ”say hello” to each other … 🙂 I mean … you know … men carry the throne on the shoulders, but when they meet another throne from a different hermandad, they stopped and lift the throne with their hands or they move like coining a baby …

There are so many things and rituals like singing the ”saetas”

and so on, and so on