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”kasko” on tietysti hieman harhaanjohtava termi vuokra-autojen kanssa.. virallisestihan se on CDW mutta loppukuluttajaa nyt vain kiinnostaa se, mitä mahdollisesti joutuu pulittamaan jos jotain sattuu.

Lainaan nyt Holidayautosin sompimusehtoja (ja nämä todella pitävät paikkansa):

damage to your rental car.
the rental price includes comprehensive insurance to cover damage to your rental car, although a deductible is required in the case of some car rental companies. if you are involved in an accident or if your rental car is damaged in a different way or is stolen, the rental company keeps the deposit up to the amount that the comprehensive insurance does not reimburse for the damage to your rental car: the comprehensive insurance does not pay for the damage for the amount of a possible deductible. damage to the tyres, glass, roof and underbody/oil sump are not covered by the comprehensive insurance either. most car rental companies do not allow driving on unpaved roads, so this is not insured either.
however, holiday autos reimburses you the amount that you have to pay as a deductible or for damage to the tyres, glass and roof.

holiday autos does not provide reimbursement for:

* damage attributable to a failure to observe the car rental companys general rental conditions
this relates in particular to the ban on driving on unpaved roads too
* damage attributable to driving while drunk, intentional or grossly negligent action
* loss of or damage to the car key
* damage to the underbody/oil sump
* private belongings that have been stolen from the car or damaged in an accident
* consequential costs, such as towing costs, hotel accommodation, telephone costs etc.
it is essential that the following action is taken locally when damage occurs:
* notify the rental car station immediately
* if anyone else has been involved in the accident, call the police and have a police report written
* when the vehicle is returned have a damage report issued and signed by the local station.

please send the following documents to holiday autos to obtain reimbursement of the deductible:
* the damage report and, if there is one, the police reort
* a copy of the rental contract
* proof that you have paid the deposit in cash or evidence that your credit card has been charged.