Dolores = Pain


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Liittynyt: 29.11.2006
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Hello, hello;

I was visiting yesterday again the village Benalmádena Pueblo.

Yesterday was Holy Thursday and the Virgin from yesterday is called ”Virgen María Santísima de los Dolores” which means Pain (no more hope). Of course, there was also a throne for Jesus (always ahead), but .. sorry … the battery of the camara … 🙂

This way for the video =>

Today is the most tragical day of the Easter Week. Jesus is dead. Some of the thrones are very simple and very very dark, specially one this night in Malaga Centre called ”Servitas”.

The virgin called ”Virgen de la Soledad” (means loneliness) is alone.

Dark dressed, all the lights of the streets are turned off, full silence, there are no music only the sound of a drum and people praying.

This is from last year in Málaga =>

Tonight in Benalmadena Pueblo, I think we have the same.
At 01:00 hrs – Procesión de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad
Departure from the church close to Hotel La Fonda

See you!