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Exemption from autonomo social security

The only people who are exempt from paying social security are those that the law recognises as neither employed nor self-employed, in the sense of regularly offering their services as a main occupation. These are people paid for an irregular occasional activity or a one-off event. An example might be an academic on a salary, who is paid for occasional speaking engagements outside the university.

No one earning more than the Spanish minimum wage or Salario Minimo Interprofesional or ”SMI” (€9,080 in 2015) can avoid paying social security and it should be noted that:

– if you don’t pay into the system you won’t get the benefits

– the key point is irregular : if you are demonstrably not an occasional autonomo (e.g. you open a shop or office or your service is permanently on offer) it is not possible to claim an exemption however low your income.